• 80W Constant Power Topology
  • 0.5 to 36V and 0 to 5A autorange output
  • Dual 4-digit LED displays
  • Lower display indicates current or watts
  • Constant voltage or current
  • 3 user programmable presets
  • Upper voltage and current limit setting
  • Output on/off switch
  • Front/rear output terminals
  • Lock/unlock front panel

What's in the Box

  • RJ11 cable
  • Alligator clip test leads
  • RJ11 terminator plug
  • 3-prong plug AC power cord


The Extech DCP36 DC Power Supply has 80W constant power topology and has autoranging voltage and current output. This compact and lightweight unit provides easy portability, and is ideal for tight workbenches with limited space. It features 4-Digit LED displays, 3-programmable presets, front/rear output terminals, and remote sensing for accurate applied voltage at load point.