• MM750W
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  • MM750WW Multimeter:
    • Wireless DMM function with Bluetooth
    • True RMS for accurate AC measurements
    • Type K Temperature function
    • 6000 count backlit LCD display
    • ±0.6% basic DCV accuracy
    • Built-in non-contact AC Voltage Detector (NCV)
  • DAT12 Bluetooth Datalogging Module:
    • Record over 15k readings
    • Free ExView W-Series App
    • Adjustable sample rate
    • Record data directly to phone or tablet
    • Programmable High/Low audible alarms
    • Export data in Excel format

What's in the Box

  • Test leads
  • Type K bead wire temperature probe
  • Wireless data logging module (DAT12)
  • 9V battery
  • Soft case


The Extech MM750W True RMS Multimeter features 14 functions, includes non-contact AC Voltage detection and Type K temperature measurement. Using the wireless feature, Bluetooth® Datalogging Module, and the free ExView® W-Series App, you can transmit readings in real-time to your smart devices, store over 15K readings for wireless transfer to generate a report/data analysis, add notes and readings to photos taken from your smart device camera, and use your smart device as a 2nd display for easy viewing or sharing.