• MO55W
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  • Wireless function with Bluetooth data logging Module
  • Non-invasive pinless moisture
    • Max. depth of 1in (25 mm)
  • Direct pin moisture measurement
    • 0.4in (10 mm) pins
    • ±3% accuracy
  • Built-in pin-mode accuracy test
  • Data hold and auto power Off
  • Audible alert

What's in the Box

  • Complete with two pins (installed on meter)
  • Protective cap
  • Wireless data logging module (DAT12)
  • 9V battery


The Extech MO55W Wireless Data Logging Moisture Meter quickly measures the moisture content in wood and other building materials with your choice of Pinless (non-invasive) or direct pin method measurement. Using the wireless feature, bluetooth data logging module, and the free ExView W-Series App, you can transmit readings in realtime to your smart devices, store over 15K readings for wireless transfer to generate a report/data analysis, add notes and readings to photos taken from your smart device camera, and use your smart device as a 2nd display for easy viewing or sharing. The MO55W is simple to operate and uses icons that indicate moisture content and alerts you when moisture levels exceed programmed limits.