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  • Up to 12 vibration channels (6 per input module)
  • Up to 2 Keyphasor/Speed inputs (1 per input module)
  • Suitable for distribution close to machinery
  • Modular construction allows field configuration
  • Define measurements and alarms within the monitor
  • 2 independent Ethernet RJ45 connections per CPU
  • Powered by single or dual redundant external 24VDC


The Bently Nevada ADAPT 3701/40 Machinery Dynamics Monitor is designed for use on a broad range of machine trains or individual casings where the sensor point count fits the monitor's channel count and where advanced signal processing is desired. The 3701/40 is optimized for intensive signal processing required on complex machinery such as gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, and roller element bearing (REB) machines as well as offering advanced measurement capabilities on conventional monitoring methods such as radial vibration, thrust position, and casing absolute vibration. The 3701/40 Dual Redundant (DR) monitor is designed for applications that require a higher level of reliability from the vibration system.

The 3701/40 has a rugged industrial design allowing for skid mounting close to the machine, reducing installation wiring. Its compact size provides more mounting options compared to traditional rack based solutions. It is capable of accepting a wide array of sensor types, including eddy current proximity probes, accelerometers, velocity, acceleration, dynamic pressure, Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric Sensors (IEPE), and magnetic speed pick-ups.

The processor module, or CPU module, performs A/D conversion, digital signal processing, alarm and logic processing, and communications to Bently Nevada software and plant automation systems. It employs sophisticated diagnostics and fault detection processing to enhance reliability, availability, and maintainability of the protection and monitoring system.