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  • 16inH2O to 58psig (1,600inH2O) pressure ranges
  • 0.1% of adjusted span accuracy
  • <0.1% per year stability
  • <150 ms response time
  • -4 to 212°F (-20° to 100°C) temperature range;
    293°F (145°C) for 45 min
  • All stainless steel housing and wetted parts
  • 12 to 36Vdc power requirement, unregulated
  • IP66 rating
  • 3-year warranty


The NOSHOK 20 Series sanitary pressure transmitter is designed specifically for heavy-duty applications in the food and beverage industry where high accuracy, shock resistance and durability are required. The transmitter features pressure and temperature sensors mounted directly behind the diaphragm, which minimizes fill fluid, allows the use of a smaller diaphragm, and reduces the potential for damage. This provides active temperature compensation at the point of measurement to minimize temperature and position error. Diaphragms are laser-welded and helium leak-tested. In addition, turndown ratios up to 10:1 allow greater rangeability, minimizing required inventory.

The 20 Series transmitter features easy programming via an on-board, 360-degree rotatable display. No reference pressure is required for range adjustment, and linearization can be made for various tank shapes. The transmitter can be cleaned-in-place (CIP) or steamed-in-place (SIP), is 3A approved, and is available with HART protocol. The transmitter's compact and robust stainless steel housing is ideal for hygienic applications and harsh, aggressive ambient conditions.

NOSHOK 20 Series Sanitary Pressure Transmitter Applications

  • Silo and tank level
  • Food and beverage
  • Dairy
  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical

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204-95-47/470 inH2O-1-1-25
$2,647.74 4 in stock
204-95-47/470 inH2O-1-1-25-TC
$2,731.84 4 in stock
204-95-47/470 inH2O-1-1-71
$2,599.69 4 in stock
204-95-47/470 inH2O-1-1-71-TC
$2,683.79 4 in stock
$2,647.74 1 in stock
$2,731.84 1 in stock
$2,599.69 1 in stock
$2,683.79 1 in stock
204-98-47/470 inH2O-1-43-25
$2,933.64 1 in stock
204-98-47/470 inH2O-1-43-25-TC
$3,017.74 1 in stock
204-98-47/470 inH2O-1-43-71
$2,885.59 1 in stock
204-98-47/470 inH2O-1-43-71-TC
$2,969.69 1 in stock
204-99-47/470 inH2O-1-43-25
$2,707.81 1 in stock
204-99-47/470 inH2O-1-43-25-TC
$2,791.91 1 in stock
204-99-47/470 inH2O-1-43-71
$2,659.76 1 in stock
204-99-47/470 inH2O-1-43-71-TC
$2,743.86 1 in stock

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