• FKIT0901
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  • 8-10 hrs continuous operation
  • Li-ion and Li-Po internal batteries
  • Up to 10m between Sender and Receiver
  • 128kHz sampling rate

What's in the Box

  • Sender
  • Receiver
  • BNC-to-BNC pigtail cable
  • Two USB charging cables
  • Mounting tape
  • Reclosable, self-adhesive mounting tape
  • Quickstart guide


Frontier wireless sensor is an accessory for any Portable Data Collector (PDC) that offers cordless data collection with any sensor and any instrument. The existing cable connecting your PDC to your accelerometer is replaced with a wireless connection. This wireless connection provided by Frontier is invisible to your PDC and you can continue to collect your data just like you always have without changing any settings or configuration of your PDC or software. Frontier works with accelerometers of any sensitivity and so can be used completely interchangeably with a conventional cable.

Frontier has a Sender and a Receiver, which are small battery-powered devices used in a pair. The Sender screws directly onto any standard 2-pin ICP/IEPE accelerometer in place of a conventional cable. It powers the accelerometer, captures its output analog signal, and continuously streams this over a Wi-Fi connection to the Receiver. The Receiver feeds the signal into the ordinary analog input connector of any conventional PDC. Multiple Sender/Receiver pairs can be used in the same vicinity without them interfering with each other.

The Receiver can also connect wirelessly to Bluetooth® listening headphones to allow you to listen to the vibration signal when collecting data. The Receiver provides a 2kHz High Pass audio filter for use when using Bluetooth headphones. Turning this filter on will remove all the lower frequency sound of typical machine operation, allowing the remaining higher frequency sounds associated with bearing wear and damage to be heard more clearly.