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  • Measuring ranges:
    • O2 range: 0-1% to 0-40%
    • Combustible range: 0-1000 ppm to 0-5%
  • Accuracy:
    • Oxygen: ±0.75% of reading or 0.05% O2
    • Combustibles: ±1% F.S.
  • Integral or remote-mounted
  • Fully field repairable
  • Certifications:
    • ATEX, FM, CSA Type4X/IP66, IECEx, CE, NEPSI


The Rosemount Analytical OCX8800 Oxygen and Combustibles Transmitter provides a continuous, accurate measurement of the oxygen and combustibles remaining in flue gases from a combustion process. The time-tested and world renowned zirconium oxide sensor is the basis for the oxygen measurement. This, coupled with the new combustibles sensor can detect oxygen and combustibles concentrations in flue gases with temperatures up to 2600°F (1427°C).

The The new sensor design and software upgrades make the OCX 8800 even more dependable. This rugged and reliable design coupled with the inherent advantages of FOUNDATION Fieldbus makes the OCX 8800 unmatched in overall performance. The ability to get real time diagnostic information as well as the measurement variables over the Fieldbus data highway makes the use of this analytical device even easier.