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  • Accepts 1 to 4 channels
  • Frequency response: 0 to 5.5 kHz
  • Three measured variables:
    • Peak rod compression
    • Peak rod tension
    • Degree of rod reversal
  • Pressure accuracy:
    • 0.5% from 0.5 to 10.0 volts at 77°F
    • 1.0% from 0.5 to 10.0 volts over 22 to 150°F)
  • Front panel LEDs: OK, TX/RX, Bypass
  • Transducer power supply: 23.0 ±0.8 Vdc with 24.5 ma current limiting


The Bently Nevada 3500/77M Cylinder Pressure Monitor is a 4-channel monitor that accepts input from Bently Nevada approved pressure transducers, conditions the signal to make various pressure measurements for reciprocating compressors, and compares the conditioned signals with user-programmable alarms. The 3500/77M provides:

  • Machinery protection by continuously comparing monitored parameters against configured alarm setpoints to drive alarms
  • Essential machine information for operations and maintenance personnel

Each channel of the 3500/77M will provide eight measured variable values that relate to cylinder pressure operation. The five values that relate to a single chamber are as follows:

  • Discharge Pressure
  • Suction Pressure
  • Maximum Pressure
  • Minimum Pressure
  • Compression Ratio