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  • Accepts from 1 to 4 proximity probe signals
  • Input impedance 10 kΩ
  • Front panel LEDs: OK, TX/RX, Bypass
  • Rod position:
    • Peak-peak filter Fixed 1 Hz to 600 Hz
    • Gap filter -3 dB at 0.09 Hz
  • Rod drop/hyper channels:
    • Average piston position: Fixed 1 Hz to 600 Hz
    • Average gap: -3 dB at 0.09 Hz
    • Accuracy: ±0.33% of full-scale


The Bently Nevada 3500/72M Recip Rod Position Monitor is a four channel monitor that accepts input from proximity transducers, conditions the signal to provide dynamic and static position measurements, and compares the conditioned signals with user programmable alarms.

You can program each channel using the 3500 Rack Configuration Software to perform the following functions:

  • Rod Position measurement
  • Rod Drop measurement
  • Hyper-Compressor measurement