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  • Accepts from 1 to 16 signals
  • Input impedance: Greater than 1 MΩ
  • Power consumption: 3 watts
  • Front panel LEDs: OK, TX/RX, Bypass
  • Type E, J, K, T thermocouples
  • 100 Ω 3-wire and 4-wire platinum RTD


The Bently Nevada 3500/65 Temperature Monitor provides 16 channels of temperature monitoring and accepts both resistance temperature detector (RTD) and isolated tip thermocouple (TC) temperature inputs. The monitor conditions these inputs and compares them against user-programmable alarm setpoints.

The monitor is programmed using the 3500 Rack Configuration Software. You can configure the 16-Channel Temperature Monitor to accept isolated tip thermocouples, 3-wire RTD, 4-wire RTD, or a combination of TC and RTD inputs.