• 0-25 ppm CO measurement range
  • ±2 ppm accuracy
  • 0.5 ppm CO sensitivity (LDL)
  • ±1% linearity under constant conditions
  • 800-1200 mbara (11.6-17.4 psig) inlet pressure
  • 0.2-10 Nl/min (0.4-20 SCFH) flow rate


The AII Palm CO oxygen analyzer is a simple and cost-effective choice to check for carbon monoxide in compressed air breathing tanks intended for scuba diving. With only two buttons and one-touch calibration, the Palm CO is easy to use.

The analyzer uses an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor intended to measure CO levels in gas streams. Carbon monoxide, diffusing into the sensor through a gas permeable barrier, reacts chemically at the sensing electrode to produce an electrical current output proportional to the CO concentration in the gas phase. A battery-powered micro-processor converts the sensor's signal output, which represents the partial pressure of CO in the gas stream being analyzed. The resulting reading is displayed on an easy-to-read screen with a resolution of 1 PPM carbon monoxide.