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  • Accepted power supplies
    • Legacy AC Power
    • Universal AC Power
    • High Voltage DC Power Supply
    • Low Voltage DC Power Supply
  • -22 to 150°F (-30 to 65°C) operating temperature
  • 95%, non-condensing, humidity range
  • LED indicator
  • 47 to 63 Hz input frequency

The Bently Nevada 3500/15 Power Supply is a half-height module and must be installed in designated slots on the left side of the rack. The 3500 rack can contain one or two power supplies with any combinations of AC and DC. Either supply can power a full rack.

When two power supplies are installed in a rack, the one in the lower slot acts as the primary supply, and the other in the upper slot acts as the backup supply. If installed, the second supply is the backup for the primary one. Removing orinserting either power supply module does not disrupt operation of the rack as long as a second power supply is installed.

The 3500/15 Power Supply accepts a wide range of input voltages and converts them to voltages acceptable for use by other 3500 modules