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  • 0-100% O2 measurement range
  • ±2% accuracy
  • 0.50% sensitivity (LDL)
  • ±1% linearity under constant conditions
  • Ambient or 0.34-2 barg (5-30 psig) inlet pressure
  • 0.2-10 Nl/min (0.4-20 SCFH) flow rate
  • Integrated or remote sensors


The AII 3000 series oxygen analyzer is an ergonomic handheld device designed to measure oxygen deficiency in confined spaces. The analyzer is also used to check oxygen levels in welding applications or for the safety checks of breathing air for diving.

The AII 3000 uses an electrochemical galvanic fuel cell-type oxygen sensor of the type that is extensively used to measure oxygen concentrations from 0% to 100% in gas streams. A battery-powered microprocessor converts the sensor's signal output representing the partial pressure of oxygen in the gas stream being analyzed. The resulting oxygen reading is displayed by a large easy-to-read backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) that has a resolution of 0.1% oxygen. The sensor also has an absolute zero reading that displays 0.00 oxygen when no oxygen is present. The microprocessor is controlled from a keypad and provides features like system diagnostics, warning indicators, controls and an alarm capability for continuous monitoring that enhance both safety and effectiveness.

The analyzer can be positioned on a tabletop or pole and can be readily portable from one location to another. Tripod wire stand and V-mount dovetail attachments are mounted on the back of the device.

Applications for the AII 3000 oxygen analyzer include:

  • Personnel safety protection
  • Area monitoring
  • Oxygen deficiency in confined spaces
  • Confirming oxygen levels prior to welding
  • Checking concentrations of oxygen in scuba tanks
  • Checking for carbon monoxide in scuba tanks