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  • Twin column desiccant, pressure swing
  • Flow rates:
    • PSD2: 7 Nl/min (14.8 scfh)
    • PSD4-STD/HPO: 30 Nl/min (63.6 scfh)
    • PSD4-HFV: 90 Nl/min (109.7 scfh)
  • Timer:
    • PSD2: Mechanical cam
    • PSD4: Programmable relay
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Maintenance free (desiccant change once every 5 years)
  • Completely self-contained
  • Low power consumption
  • IEC socket


The Michell Instruments PSD2 / PSD4 Pressure Swing Dryers use two columns filled with 4Å molecular sieve desiccant, which are used alternately on a switching cycle. The PSD dryers are designed to operate continuously, using a small proportion of the dried air to regenerate the offline column - generally giving desiccant life in excess of five years. This type of heatless regeneration uses significantly less energy than a 'heated' dryer.

The PSD2 is fitted with inlet and outlet pressure regulation, and delivers up to 7 Nl/min (14.8 scfh) of dry air with a moisture content of 1 ppmV or better.

The PSD4 is supplied with stainless steel internals and larger volume desiccant columns. These factors, combined with high integrity VCR couplings deliver in output of up to 90 Nl/min (optional) with a moisture content better than 14 ppbV.