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  • General purpose or intrinsically safe (ATEX) models
  • Measuring range:
    • 0-10, 0-100, 0-1000 ppm, 0-1%, (0-25%)
  • Accuracy: <2%
  • Fast recovery from exposure to air
  • Measure in pure CO2 with XLT sensor
  • Two alarms with GPR-1500A analyzer model
  • XLT oxygen sensor
  • Indoor or outdoor applications


The AII GPR-1500 Series Oxygen Analyzer is a wall mounted unit with NEMA enclosure. This single channel oxygen meter can be used with flow-through O2 cells for in-line gas analysis in safe as well as hazardous areas where ATEX approval is needed. The low detection limit of 0.05ppm offers low oxygen measurement down to a range of 0 to 10 ppm. Ideal for clean gas applications and when used with the XLT oxygen sensor type it allows measurement in pure carbon dioxide. The Analytical Industries long-life oxygen sensors are maintenance-free sealed electrochemical cells that don't need top up of electrolyte and can be exchanged in few minutes.

Applications for the GPR-1500 include:

  • Inert gas purity measurements
  • Gas quality measurements in double glazing window manufacturing
  • Blanket gas in small vessels