Danatronics ECHO 9 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
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  • 0.020 to 23in thickness range
  • 3.5in high resolution color display
  • Gridview
  • Password lock
  • Supervisor and other locks
  • 2,700 stored setups
  • Available angle beam option
  • Field upgradeable software options

What's in the Box

  • Echo to echo software
  • DKS-537
  • 0.375in diameter transducer
  • 2GB microSD card
  • Rechargeable Li-ion
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • Plastic carry case
  • Couplant
  • CD manual
  • Data XL interface program
  • NIST Certificate

The Danatronics ECHO 9 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge features a 3.5in high resolution sunlight readable color display with live A-Scan, echo to echo to ignore coatings, B-Scan, datalogger with up to 32GB of SD card memory and interface to Microsoft excel. The ECHO 9 is compatible with a wide variety of Danatronics dual and single element transducers. The ECHO 9 is available in 4 models including the ECHO 9, ECHO 9DL, ECHO 9W and ECHO 9DLW. The vibrate on alarm feature is the world's first and is great for loud environments.

Applications for the ECHO 9 include:

  • Boiler tubes
  • Pressure vessels
  • Storage tanks
  • Ship hulls
  • Pipes
  • Steel beams on bridges
Danatronics SPH-718 Spring Loaded Holder
Ideal fixture to be used on small diameter applications such as tubing to prevent the probe from rocking
Danatronics EHC-09 Dual Transducers
Dual composite, K85, extended, high temp models available,
Danatronics Delay Line & Pencil Probe Transducers
Composite, K85, and pencil probe transducers available, right angle microdot
Danatronics Angle Beam Transducers
Angle beam 2.5Mhz or 5Mhz, 025, 0.375 and 0.5 inch sizes available, straight microdot with quick screw
Danatronics MP-09 Molded Plug Connector
Molded plug connector to transducer
Danatronics DLSL-09 Adapter
Dual lemo to single lemo adapter for single element transducers
Danatronics Delay Line Replacement Tip
Delay Line Replacement Tips for the EHC-09 Transducers
Danatronics DHT Extension Tube
Extension Tube for DHT-537 for insulation applications
Danatronics DHT-537BH Bell Housing
Bell housing for the DHT-537
Danatronics DHT-537BP Metal Pack Piece
Metal back piece for DHT-537
Danatronics EHC-09 Degree Wedge
0.25, 0.375 or 0.5in sizes available for the angle beam probes
Danatronics SPH-25 Spring Loaded Holder
Spring-loaded holder for 0.25in delay line transducer
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