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  • Complete dew-point calibration system
  • Humidity range:
    • DG2: -103 to 68°F (-75 to 20°C)
    • DG3: -40 to 68°F (-40 to 20°C)
  • Mixing stages:
    • DG2: 2 stages
    • DG3: 1 stage
  • Manual selection
  • Precision flowmeter or mass flow controller operation
  • High stability and repeatability
  • Fast response to changes in set-point


The Michell Instruments DG Series Humidity Generators provide flexibility and control at a competitive price. Based on the volumetric mixing of dry and wet gases, the instruments can be controlled either manually or automatically to suit a wide range of calibration applications.

The DG-3 is the entry-level, single-stage mixing humidity generator. It is operated by manually mixing the two gas streams using flow control valves. The DG-3 provides flows up to 5 Nl/min (10.6 scfh) and generates dew points ranging from -40 to 68°F (-40 to 20°C).

The DG-2 has two stages of gas-flow mixing which allow it to generate dew points down to -103°F (-75°C). The great strengths of the DG-2 are its ease of use and its flexibility in manually generating an accurate target dew point by fine tuning the gas mix via its flow metering valves. Infinite mixing is achievable within its working range.