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  • 0.1 to 250,000ppm (25%) oxygen measurement range
  • Less than 2% of reading accuracy
  • ±0.1% of reading repeatability
  • 1% per month stability
  • Better than ±1% of reading linearity
  • 1 to 3 Nl/h with built-in fast loop sample flow rate


The Michell Instruments XZR400 oxygen analyzer uses metallic sealed reference sensor (MSRS) technology to detect trace oxygen in clean gases. The XZR400 monitors purity in production and when used in processes. The analyzer can also be used for cylinder filling and other applications where a precise measurement of oxygen is required.

The MSRS technology-based sensor responds to input changes in less than 11 seconds. A sealed reference sensor also allows measurements to be made without a reference gas and independent of the quality of the surrounding air. The XZR400 analyzer is virtually drift-free, extending calibration interval time.

Four chassis options are available, including rack-mount, wall-mount, bench-mount, and transportable. The analyzer also offers various internal options including pumps, flow alarms and digital communications.

Michell Instruments XZR400 Oxygen Analyzer Applications

  • Gas quality measurements
  • Environmental control applications
  • Semiconductor and nuclear industries
  • Industrial gas manufacturers
  • Combustion pre-mixing analysis
  • Respiratory or medical gas mixtures
  • Heat-treating applications such as galvanizing furnaces
  • Tracing leaks in glove boxes
  • Simulation in laboratories