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  • 0.01% to 25% oxygen measurement range
  • Better than ±2% of reading accuracy
  • ±0.1% of reading repeatability
  • 1% per month stability
  • Better than ±1% of reading linearity
  • Flue gas at 17.65ft/sec (0.5m/sec) minimum rate sample flow rate


The Michell Instruments XZR500 combustion control analyzer determines the excess air required for optimum efficiency in industrial combustion processes. It uses sealed-reference zirconium oxide technology to measure levels of oxygen in harsh conditions such as boilers, incinerators and furnaces. Accurate control of combustion efficiency is critical for effective process and reduction of plant operating cost.

The XZR500 analyzer is designed to be located close to the gas stream in order to protect the sensor from damaging conditions. Its compact size also means that it can be installed in almost any location, and will fit with most types of flanges to replace other analyzers without expensive retrofitting. The modular construction of the analyzer makes it possible to offer a choice of three probe lengths and six probe materials, including 304L stainless steel for low-temperature easy applications, alloys for corrosive samples, and ceramic for temperatures up to 2372°F (1300°C).

The advanced metallic sealed reference sensor (MSRS) technology is resistant to contamination and virtually drift-free, resulting in extended calibration intervals and reduced maintenance. This is beneficial where measurement point locations are difficult to access. The MSRS of the XZR500 allows the use of dry air as a single calibration gas for most applications, eliminating the need for expensive calibration gases.

Michell Instruments XZR500 Combustion Control Analyzer Applications

  • Boilers
  • Industrial and waste incinerators
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Petrochemical furnaces
  • Annealing and galvanizing furnaces
  • Soaking pits
  • Glass and melting furnaces
  • Cement kilns
  • Crematoria