• DevCom.iOS
  • Usually ships in 1-2 weeks



  • Easy to use iOS interface
  • Fast device connect and data view
  • Ability to save configurations as text file and PDF file
  • Supports HART 7, WirelessHART devices and HART-IP
  • Operating System: iOS 10
  • Memory RAM: 1 GB
  • Memory ROM: 2 GB
  • 1 year of free DD and program updates


The ProComSol DevCom.iOS smart device communicator allows access to and management of a HART-compatible field device's configuration and calibration using iOS devices.

DevCom uses Device Descriptions (DDs), created by the device's manufacturer, to access data stored in the memory of the device and determine what information to display, what variables are available for edit, and what procedures to follow for calibration, setup, and maintenance. The latest registered DD files from the FieldComm Group are included as part of the DevCom installation.

DevCom accesses and presents field device data based solely on its DD. No other files, information or custom drivers are required. DevCom is intended to monitor and configure a single device at a time, and is directly connected to the current loop (or HART-IP) of the particular device. It provides a user interface to configure the HART field device, a means to configure and view all the parameters related to the device, and an option to view the detailed status and diagnostic capability of the device.