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  • Cloud or local network capability
  • Accelerometers:
    • Triaxial + temperature 10 kHz FMax
    • Full waveform and spectrum data
    • Programmable internal RMS trigger
    • Maximum 6400 lines of resolution
  • Amperage Monitoring:
    • 3 phases
    • 5 to 1000A monitoring range
  • 200,000 RPM range
  • Temperature Monitoring:
    • Thermocouple
    • Infrared non contact sensor
  • IP67 dust and water proof

What's in the Box

  • 1 Gateway
  • 12 Phantom Sensors
  • Software

The Erbessd Phantom Wireless Machine Surveillance monitor allows you to integrate vibration, temperature, amperage and RPM into your maintenance system. The Digivibe software automatically tracks bearings or gears faults frequencies using the unique RPM tracker. The Phantom can look at the machine´s vibration several times per hour and even wake on high level of vibration to send FFT information to your cloud based or local database.

The Phantom integrates a 10 kHz bandwith triaxial accelerometer as well as internal temperature for a complete bearing analysis. It uses a 5.0 BLE mesh network to integrates an ultra low power wireless technology into a reliable industrial environment. The Phantom requires no cables, it automatically connects to the closest gateway up to 200m line of sight, furthermore Phantom will adjust the signal strength according to the gateway´s distance to save battery.