Inor IPAQ C530 Temperature Transmitter
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  • Fully compliant with HART 7 protocol
  • 50-point customized linearization
  • Sensor matching
  • Max ±0.08K or ±0.08% of span typical accuracy
  • Max drift ±0.02% of span/year accuracy over time
  • 5-year drift max of ±0.05°C or ±0.05% of span
  • Withstands 10g vibrations
  • Input for RTDs, T/Cs, mV and resistance
  • PC programmable
  • For DIN B head or larger
  • NFC and Bluetooth connectivity
    • Bluetooth requires ICON-BT (sold separately)
  • Complies with NAMUR NE 43
  • ATEX, IECEx & FM approvals (optional)

The Inor IPAQ C530 is a digital, 2-wire, universal transmitter for temperature, resistance or voltage measurements of solids, fluids and gases in an industrial environment. Compatible with RTD, thermocouples, voltage and potentiometer sensors, the C530 offers high flexibility and reduces the number of installed product variants. It also features matching to a calibrated temperature sensor, performed by entering the sensor deviation in the low and high ends of the measuring ranges.

The robust design of the IPAQ C530 makes it highly reliable even under the most demanding conditions. External influences such as ambient temperature, vibrations up to 10g, moisture and EMC interference have minimal influence on the measuring result.

The C530 is intended for installation in a DIN-B housing or larger. It is fully compatible with the HART 7 protocol, which offers extended diagnostic information, including device error, and sensor and wiring conditions. It can measure the ambient temperature and supply voltage it has been exposed to, allowing the user to detect peaks that could damage the process control. The transmitter also supports communication via NFC (Near-field communication), making it possible to configure and monitor the transmitter remotely. NFC features wireless communication and configuration between the transmitter and a portable device such a smartphone. To utilize Bluetooth connectivity, the IPAQ C530 must be paired with the ICON-BT accessory (sold separately). The C530 is PC-programmable. Measuring ranges can be set from the PC, and full accuracy is provided without any need for calibration.

Required Components

These additional components are required for the operation of your product. We strongly advise you to purchase these components unless you already own them or own a suitable alternative.

Inor ICON-BT Bluetooth Configuration Kit
Bluetooth modem for wireless communication between smartphones/tablets & INOR transmitters
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Please consider these optional accessories.

Inor ICON-X Ex-Certified Configuration Kit
Complete kit for configuration of all INOR PC programmable transmitters
Inor ICON Lite Configuration Kit
USB interface, PC to USB cable, and Mini USB to Mini USB cable
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