• Rotary knob navigation
  • 5.5 inch TFT screen
  • 4 GB compact flash memory
  • 256 MB internal data memory
  • Up to 18 internal analogue inputs
  • Up to 24 external channels
  • Up to 7 relay outputs
  • Up to six customer-specific process screens
  • RS232/485 & Ethernet communication standard
  • Integrated web server for online-visualization
  • Batch report recording
  • Batch control (start, stop & texts) even via barcode scanner & interface
  • Modbus master function (even with Modbus/TCP)

The Partlow DataVU 7 paperless recorder features rotary knob screen navigation which allows users to configure the recorder on the spot even while wearing protective gloves. The DataVU 7 is fully scalable so additional option cards can be added to the recorder at a later date facilitating future expansion.

Using the default visualizations, the DataVU 7 can display data in a variety of formats such as curve diagram (vertical or horizontal), bar graph, text image (numerical), or digital diagram. For batch-related processes a special batch recording is available which allows the storage of additional information. In addition, users can create up to six individual process screens with up to 100 objects per process screen to fit their requirements using the setup program.

The combination of inputs and outputs of the Partlow DataVU 7 offers users a great deal of flexibility by offering up to 18 internal channels, 24 external channels and 24 digital inputs. Additionally, the DataVU 7 can be configured with up to seven relay outputs.