• Model EX410A:
    • Averaging measurement, 0.5% basic accuracy
  • AC/DC voltage & current
  • 10A max current
  • Resistance, temperature & diode/continuity
  • Type K temperature measurement
  • Input fuse protection & mis-connection warning
  • Data hold, relative, auto power off
  • Large digit backlit LCD

What's in the Box

  • CAT III test leads
  • Tilt stand
  • Protective holster
  • Velcro hanging strap
  • Type K bead wire temp probe
  • 9V battery


The Extech EX400A Series multimeters measure AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, temperature, and diode/continuity. The EX410A model uses an averaging measurement method, which offers 0.5% basic accuracy.

The Extech EX410A model features a large, 1-inch digit LCD as well as input fuse protection and mis-connection warning safety features. The EX400A Series multimeters are rated for 10A max current and take Type K temperature measurements. Data hold, relative and auto power off are all also standard functions for this series of Extech multimeters.

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