• CX403
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  • -22 to 158°F (-30 to 70°C) temperature range
  • +/-0.5°C accuracy over 5°F (15°C)
  • +/-1.0°C accuracy under 5°F (15°C)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy communication
  • Approx. 100ft (30.5m) line-of-sight transmission range
  • Approximately 60sec full-memory download time
  • 2 AAA-battery power
  • 128 KB memory (84,650 measurements)
  • NIST certificate of calibration
  • IP54 and CE ratings


The InTemp® CX403 temperature data logger monitor monitors ambient temperature. The logger communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy to mobile devices. Using the InTemp app, you can easily view data, check logger status, set alarms, and create and share secure PDF reports for streamlined reporting and regulatory compliance.

All CS400 series loggers feature a built-in LCD display to view current and daily min and max temperatures, advanced audible and visual alarm capabilities for notification of temperature excursions, an internal sensor for ambient temperature monitoring, and a single-point NIST Certification of Calibration.

With the optional CX Gateway, you can get remote notifications of temperature excursions and automatically download data from loggers within range of the device.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Calibrated Temperaure Readings in an Enclosed Container

The Background: Our customer is a college student conducting a research project (which was kept secret from us…hmmm) who needs a data logger to gather temperature data.

The Problem: The data logger will be put into a sealed container which will not be opened for 90 days so the logger must have wireless capability to retrieve data during the course of the project. Additionally, accuracy is very important so a NIST calibration certificate is required.

The Solution: We recommended the InTemp CX403 temperature data logger. This unit is a perfect match for the student’s needs as it has a long battery life, Bluetooth and comes with a factory NIST calibration.