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  • 0-100% (0.1 ppm to 1,000,000 ppm) measurement range
  • ±2% of reading or 0.05% absolute percent accuracy
  • ±2% of reading of ±0.5 ppm absolute trace accuracy
  • <5 seconds at 0.15 LPM over 1 decade response time
  • 50 to 104°F (10 to 40°C) operating temperature
  • 2-year electronics and 1-year sensor warranty


The AOI ZRO2000 oxygen analyzer with a non-depleting zirconia oxygen sensor is designed to provide accurate and repeatable trace and percent oxygen measurements in a variety of gases. The unit is microprocessor-based and measures gas phase oxygen concentrations over a range of 0.1 ppm to 100%.

The analyzer is housed in a NEMA 1 enclosure rated for general purpose use. The front panel contains five switches that provide access to the analyzer's settings. Oxygen values are displayed on a 0.7in (17.8mm) high 6-digit liquid crystal display. The instrument is equipped with two scalable analog outputs that can be configured for 0-20 mADC or 4-20 mADC separately. The analyzer also features two user-configurable oxygen alarm relays, a built-in audible alarm, red LEDs for visual indication of an alarm condition, green LEDs to indicate whether the LCD is displaying percent or trace results, and two flow meters for sample flow and bypass flow.

AOI ZRO2000 Oxygen Analyzer Applications

  • Modified atmosphere packages (MAP)
  • Biological reactors
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Vessel blanketing
  • Glove boxes
  • Critical welding
  • Heat treating
  • Leak detection
  • Air separation