• Voltage Measurement:
    • AC from 2.0 to 600 Vrms (45 to 65 Hz)
    • DC ±(2.0 to 600)V
    • ±1% reading ±4 digit
  • Low Resistance Measurement:
    • 40.00/400.0/4000 MΩ (Auto range)
    • ±2.5% reading ±8 digit (0.20 to 4000 MΩ)
    • ±8 digit (0.00 to 0.19Ω)
  • 4,000 digital count bar graph display
  • 1,000 data point internal memory
  • Automatic LED backlight
  • Auto-power off
  • CAT III 600 V
  • IP40

What's in the Box

  • Four (4) AA batteries
  • Soft case (93045)
  • Line probe (98008)
  • Earth probe set (98009)
  • Shoulder strap (99018)


The Yokogawa MY600 digital insulation tester features a shortened measurement time and color indicating judging function to maximize the user's efficiency. Additionally, the MY600 utilizes a communication function to enhance the affinity with a PC or tablet. This Yokogawa digital insulation tester allows users to set a desired reference value with the comparator function and quickly assess if it passes or fails via a green or red colored display. Yokogawa estimates that this reduces the measurement time of insulation resistance to approximately 0.5 seconds.

Offering voltage and low resistance measurement, the Yokogawa MY600 digital insulation tester measures AC voltage from 2.0 to 600 Vrms (45 to 65 Hz), DC voltage from ±(2.0 to 600) V and resistance to 40.00/400.0/4000 Ω (auto range). Within those ranges, the MY600 measures basic voltage with an accuracy of ±1% of reading and resistance measurement of ±2% of reading. Additional functions include automatic discharge, live-line alarm, buzzer warning, USB communication, battery check, elapsed time display, PI/DAR display, and data hold.

The Yokogawa MY600 digital insulation tester is CAT III 600 V approved and has an IP40 housing. PC communication is possible with the included USB communication adapter and users can store up to 1,000 measurements to the internal memory prior to transmitting data required for report generation to a PC.