• 2% accuracy
  • Measures ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • Ambient temperature compensation
  • Free FLIR Tools Mobile app for remote readings
  • Self-test calibration verification
  • Replaceable electrode pins
  • Built-in worklight
  • Automatic power OFF after 20 minutes
  • Limited 3-year warranty

What's in the Box

  • 2 AA Batteries
  • User Manual


The FLIR MR55 pin-based moisture meter detects moisture in wood and other building materials, and measures ambient temperature and relative humidity. You can tune the meter to a library of 11 built-in test material groups, including timbers, drywall, concrete, plaster, brick and more, to get the most accurate readings. This library is easy to access on the FLIR.com website by scanning a QR code on the back of the meter with a mobile device. Send measurement data wirelessly to FLIR Tools Mobile for live display, or to compatible FLIR thermal cameras for later analysis and reporting. The MR55 functions either as a standalone meter or as an accessory for a FLIR thermal imager.

FLIR MR55 has 11 material groups

  • Group 1 to 8 for timbers
  • Group 9 for plywood, drywall, and oriented strand board (OSB)
  • Group 10 for brick, cement screed, and concrete
  • Group 11 for cement mortar, anhydrite screed, lime mortar, and plaster
  • Group 10 and 11 are not specified for accuracy and should be used for reference only