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  • Universal inputs and outputs
  • Retransmission output
  • Three alarm points standard
  • Contact Input: Two points, S/P selection, or A/M selection
  • Auto/Manual operation
  • 1/8 DIN
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Autotune and super functions to prevent overshoot
  • Password protection
  • Multiple PID settings

The digital indicating Yokogawa UT320 temperature controller features universal input and output. With the highly accurate Yokogawa UT320 temperature controller, the user can set or change the type of measured inputs, the measurement range, and the type of output. Universal inputs that are standard to the Yokogawa UT320 temperature controller includes thermocouple, RTD, or current / voltage. Universal outputs include 4 to 20mA current, relay, and voltage pulse.

Standard to the Yokogawa UT320 temperature controller is a retransmission of variables, in which the user can select from process variable, target setpoint, and control output value. A three-point alarm output function is also standard to the Yokogawa UT320 temperature controller, with process value upper and lower limits and fail output. Autotuning and a super overshoot function are available as control functions to help prevent overshoot.

Features that are optional to the Yokogawa UT320 temperature controller include a two-point heater disconnection alarm and the RS-485 communications option. A heating and cooling control option has a high accuracy of ±0.1%.

The Yokogawa UT320 temperature controller's four-digit, large LED display makes readings clearly visible from considerable distances. Password protection also enables accidental parameter changes on the Yokogawa UT320 temperature controller.