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  • Small, space-saving 1/16 DIN package
  • Sharp and large 4-digit LED display
  • IP65 splash-proof and dust-proof front panel
  • Universal input
  • Limit control function specifications: 1 setpoint, high- or low-limit control type, and latching limit action
Limited UT150L models available while supply lasts.
The recommended replacement is the Yokogawa TC10-L Temperature Controller.

The Yokogawa UT150L limit controller was designed to accept input from virtually any process control system. Universal inputs standard to the 1/16 DIN Yokogawa UT150L limit controller include thermocouple, RTD, and DC mV and V signals.

The FM-approved 1/16 DIN Yokogawa UT150L limit controller is configurable as either as a high or a low limit controller. The Yokogawa UT150L limit controller features universal input, a timer to count the duration time the setpoint is exceeded, and a register to retain the maximum temperature reached.

Optional features available to the Yokogawa UT150L limit controller include the two alarm outputs and retransmission output.

The RS-485 communications package is optional with the Yokogawa UT150L limit controller.

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$323.00 2 in stock

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