• Requires thermocouple probe with mini male plug
    • Sold separately
  • Accuracy and resolution depend on probe type
    • Accuracy ranges from ±1.08 to ±4.5°F
    • Resolution ranges from 0.03 to 0.18°F
  • Easy-to-view LCD display
  • Memory for 208,076 measurements
  • User-selectable sampling rates, 1 second to 18 hours
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Visual high & low alarm thresholds


The HOBO UX100-014M thermocouple data logger offers a dramatic price/performance advantage over competitive products by delivering higher accuracy, larger measurement capacity, and more LCD display features to make environmental data collection faster and easier than ever. The loggers provide a variety of features to reduce deployment time, and offer new logging modes for recording and displaying more detailed data without extensive post-processing or memory use.

This data logger will work with any brand of type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, or N thermocouple with a mini male plug.

Type J

  • -346 to 1,400°F (-210 to 760°C) temp range
  • ±1.08°F (±0.6°C) accuracy
  • 0.06°F (0.03°C) resolution

Type K

  • -436 to 2,498°F (-260 to 1,370°C) temp range
  • ±1.26°F (±0.7°C) accuracy
  • 0.07°F (0.04°C) resolution

Type T

  • -436 to 752°F (-260 to 400°C) temp range
  • ±1.08°F (±0.6°C) accuracy
  • 0.03°F (0.02°C) resolution

Type E

  • -436 to 1,742°F (-260 to 950°C) temp range
  • ±1.08°F (±0.6°C) accuracy
  • 0.05°F (0.03°C) resolution

Type R

  • -58 to 2,822°F (-50 to 1,550°C) temp range
  • ±3.96°F (±2.2°C) accuracy
  • 0.15°F (0.08°C) resolution

Type S

  • -58 to 3,128°F (-50 to 1,720°C) temp range
  • ±3.96°F (±2.2°C) accuracy
  • 0.15°F (0.08°C) resolution

Type B

  • 1,022 to 3,308°F (550 to 1,820°C) temp range
  • ±4.5°F (±2.5°C) accuracy
  • 0.18°F (0.1°C) resolution

Type N

  • -436 to 2,372°F (-260 to 1,300°C) temp range
  • ±1.8°F (±1.0°C) accuracy
  • 0.11°F (0.06°C) resolution


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Verifying Heat Treating Profiles

The Background: Our customer provides heat treatment services to products across a range of companies. They need a way to provide documentation to their customers that products have received this treatment for the intensity and duration necessary.

The Problem: Heat treatments generally require very specific temperatures for a very specific amount of time depending upon the product being treated. Our customer wants to provide verification of this to their comers.

The Solution: We suggested the HOBO UX100-014M thermocouple data logger which provides high accuracy reading across time. Results can be easily communicated to other devices for report generation.