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  • Explosion-proof and weatherproof housing
  • Pressure ranges up to 1500 psig (103 bar)
  • Two SPDT snap switches
  • 316 SS chamber with FEP diaphragm
  • Independent piston action design
  • UL listed, CSA approved


The Dwyer H2 Pressure Switch is designed for sequencing two different actions as pressure of a liquid or gas increases or decreases. The design consists of two concentric pistons operated by a single diaphragm with one pressure chamber. Each piston actuates a separate switch independent of the other. The switches may be adjusted to operate together, at opposite ends of the range or at two intermediate set points. The threaded top is removed to field adjust or service switches without disturbing electrical or pressure connections. The Duotect® switch is explosion-proof and weatherproof. It can be mounted in any position and is not affected by vibration.

Applications for the H2 include

  • Mechanical HVAC or process equipment
  • Chemical, petroleum, food and drug processing industries
  • Process and Industrial applications