• ATS1017
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  • 122 to 1121°F (50 to 605°C) temp range
  • Stability at 500°C: ±1°C
  • 12 3/8in x 13in working volume
  • 50lb cleaning capacity
  • Working area & max load capacity depends on model
  • 200 minute heat up time to 600°C
  • 180 cool down time
  • Air pressure required
    • Clean dry air supply at fixed 40 PSI
    • Max flow of 4.0 CFM
  • 1 year warranty
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The Accurate Thermal Systems FTBLL12W Fluidized Temperature Baths meet a wide range of applications where a stable and uniform temperature environment is required. They have been used for decades to clean extrusion tooling, shape set medical devices, calibration, testing various sensors and systems, heat treatment of metals as well as heating of reactors, coils, flasks and containers. See our application pages for further details.

A fluidized bath's liquid like properties provide fast heat transfer to immersed objects for the immediate desired results. Large working volume and heat capacity are good for heating both large and small objects. The FTBLL12W is designed for large heat loads such as cleaning extrusion tooling and other parts as well as heating reactors. The FTBSL12 offers fast quench recovery and very good stability and uniformity for shape setting of Nitinol, basic heat treating and calibration/test of thermal sensors and systems.

The control box houses both temperature and air control functions. All of our systems include automatic air control, calibrated temperature controls and RS232 interface with included Windows software for completely automatic turn-key operation. The air and temperature control system can be remotely placed within 10 feet of the bath as an option.


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