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  • 3, 8 & 15m cable lengths
  • Cable gland for cooling jacket preinstalled when high temperature cable is ordered with the connector version of CSlaser

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Optris CSlaser 2M Infrared Thermometer
Dual laser sight thermometer with 1.6µm spectral range for precise temperature measurement of metallic surfaces from 482 to 2912°F
Optris CSlaser G5HF Infrared Thermometer
Dual laser sight thermometer with 5µm spectral range for measuring the temperature of glass surfaces from 392 to 3002°F
Optris CSlaser hs LT Infrared Thermometer
Measures the slightest temperature differences of 25mK from -4 to 302°F, with 8 to 14µm spectral range & 50:1 optical resolution
Optris CSlaser LT Infrared Thermometer
Dual laser sight for precise temperature measurement from -22 to 1832°F, with 8-14µm spectral range, 50:1 optical resolution
Optris CSvideo 2M Infrared Thermometer
Video & crosshair laser aim for low temperature measurement of metals in hard to reach places with 482 to 2912°F temperature range