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  • Temperature ranges
    • -20 to 788°F (MS)
    • -20 to 980°F (MS Plus)
    • -20 to 1440°F (MS Pro)
  • ±1% accuracy
  • 8 - 14μm spectral range
  • 20:1 or 40:1 optical resolution
  • 300ms response time
  • Min, max & hold functions
    • MS Plus & Pro include offset
  • Alarm functions (MS Plus & Pro)
  • Datalogging (MS Pro)

What's in the Box

  • 9V alkaline battery
  • Manual
  • Wrist strap (MS Plus/Pro only)
  • Pouch (MS Plus/Pro only)
  • Protection boot (MS Plus/Pro only)
  • Photo tripod adapter (MS Plus/Pro only)
  • USB interface cable (MS Plus/Pro only)
  • Optris Connect Report software (MS Plus/Pro only)
  • Type K thermocouple insertion probe (MS Pro only)

The Optris MS infrared thermometer provides exact measurement of objects as small as 13mm at distances less than 140mm. It features a laser sight with a narrow beam for precise non contact temperature readings.

The Optris MS has a -20 to 788°F temperature range, with 0.95 fixed emissivity, and 20:1 optical resolution. It includes the standard specifications for all MS infrared thermometers; 300ms response time, 8 - 14μm spectral range, USB interface, and min, max, and hold functions.

The Optris MS Plus includes visual and audible alarms with high and low alarm functions. It has a -20 to 980°F temperature range and 20:1 optical resolution. It has an emissivity of 0.1 to 1.1, which can be adjusted even after a measurement has been made. In addition to the standard MS functions the MS Plus also includes offset and the Optris Connect report software.

Expanding on the functions of the MS Plus, Optris MS Pro includes all the same features with the addition of a type k thermocouple and datalogging capability for up to 20 values. It has a higher temperature range of -20 to 1440°F and 40:1 optical resolution.

The Optris Connect temperature analysis software is available as a free download. It is necessary to interpret measurements, analyze temperatures in real time, document, and store measurements. The Optris Connect software is compatible with all netbooks, notebooks and PC systems via Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Optris ACMSCERT Calibration Certificate
For MS series at Tamb 166°C & 500°C for MS Plus / Pro
Optris ACMSSC Pouch
Carrying pouch for the Optris MS infrared thermometer
Optris ACMSSWK Software Upgrade Kit
For the Optris MS infrared thermometer, includes Optris Connect Report software, USB cable & tripod mount adapter
Optris ACLSED Emissivity Labels
70 labels for measuring reflective surfaces, ε=0.95, 25mm diameter, -40 to 716°F, only suitable for 8-14µm spectral response