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  • Compact and easy to install device
  • Simultaneous 12-channel data sampling
  • Support for use with single PC or network
  • Wired Ethernet connection
  • 24-bit A/D conversion
  • Supports 2 wire IEPE/ICP accelerometers
  • Multiple user configurable waveforms and types per channel
  • Configurable set points with alarming and events


The Bently Nevada vbOnline Pro Condition Monitoring System uses sophisticated signal processing algorithms together with machinery operating states to monitor assets continuously. This system is part of a condition based maintenance program that identifies problems before assets begin to fail.

The vbOnline Pro Condition Monitoring System communicates with System 1 via dual Ethernet connections. The monitoring system uses 24 bit analog/digital conversion and 40 kHz bandwidth to monitor rolling element bearing machinery and gearing.

Sophisticated signal processing algorithms extract measurement and health indices from each accelerometer point. The algorithms can be custom tuned to specific bearing and gear box characteristics.