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  • Combustion air temp up to 930°F
    • Using adequate NiCrNi probes
  • ±40 inH2O (100 hPa) differential or stack gas pressure
  • Gas temp measurement depends on probe accessory
    • Up to 1200°F with stainless steel
    • Up to 2012°F with Inconel
    • Up to 3090°F with ceramic
  • User settable O2 referencing (normalization)
  • Analog 4-20mA, 8-channel outputs & 4-channel inputs
  • Universal AUX input 0-10V, 4-20mA, Type-K, or RS485
  • CTM 30, CTM 34 & ASTM D6522 compliance

What's in the Box

  • Long Life O2 sensor (4 to 5yr life expectancy)
  • Integrated Peltier cooler & auto condensate drain pump
  • Regulated sample gas pump & replaceable PTFE filter
  • Zero gas (ambient air) inlet nozzle
  • Passive vent outlet nozzle for sample gas
  • Linux OS & 7in (840x480) graphical display
  • Internal 10,000 point memory & external 4GB USB stick
  • Universal power supply 90-264VAC (105 watt)
  • 1hr Li-Ion 48W battery for stand-by operation
  • Soft padded nylon case with accessory compartment
  • Country specific fuel type list for combustion calculation


The MRU Vario Luxx emission analyzer uses infrared (3-gas) and electrochemical cells (6-gas) for precise measurement. It is most suitable for low Nox measurements and other toxic gas applications, but can also be used for gas engines, turbines, large boilers, furnaces, etc. Perform tuning, trouble-shooting, compliance reporting, or long-term monitoring of nearly any combustion application. This analyzer meets MCP Directive 2015/2193 for medium combustion plants with rated power less than 50MW.

The Vario Luxx has automatic features to make it easy to use:

  • Internal diagnostics
  • Zeroing using a 3-way solenoid valve
  • Data logging

While not automatic, the graphical data visualization and direct to csv or pdf file reporting are very intuitive features; transfer data to a PC via Ethernet or USB.


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Recycling Used Motor Oil

The Background: Our customer is a processing company that converts used motor oil into Group I base oils, asphalt extenders and distillates. They seek a means of testing the emissions created by their process.

The Problem: The process of converting the used motor oil into commercially viable products involves burning the oil to collect the substrate which can be recycled for reuse. It is a process that needs to be monitored and controlled. Both for environmental and safety reasons.

The Solution: We recommended the MRU Varion Luxx Emission Analyzer fitted with the MRU Varion Luxx 3-Gas NDIR sensor bench. This set-up can monitor the important parameters, log the data, and export to a PLC/control system in the event of an alarm condition.