Watlow FLUENT In-Line Heater
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  • Voltage up to 240V
  • Amperage up to 15A per zone
  • +10%, -5% resistance tolerance
  • 150psi (10.2 bar) maximum pressure
  • Typical maximum watt densities
    • Air: 150 W/in2 (23 W/cm2)
    • Water: 450 W/in2 (70 W/cm2)
  • 482°F max heater temperature
    • As measured by internal Type K T/C
  • Internal thermocouple for high limit control
  • Low profile axial lead exit
  • CE compliant

What's in the Box

  • Type K high-limit thermocouple
  • 12in minimum power & thermocouple lead wires

The Watlow FLUENT in-line heater is a fast responding, high watt density layered heater circuit. It is an integrated solution to replace multiple components, reducing system costs and complexity while increasing performance. It can replace both a traditional immersion type heater or a heater wrapped around a tube as part of a thermal system.

The heater is equipped with Watlow's patented thermal spray technology to use the heater's entire surface to produce heat, optimizing heat transfer and temperature uniformity. An internal baffle promotes turbulent flow and high efficiency while a unique circuit patterning process enables distributed wattage and multiple zones for precise and repeatable power distribution.

Typical applications for the Watlow FLUENT in-line heater include hemodialysis fluid heating, food cooking equipment, semiconductor purge gas heating, ink preheating systems, and on demand fluid heating.