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  • Supports a single WAN radio option
  • Supports Dual SIM, CBRS, 900MHz band 8
  • Supports GPS/Glonass functionality (4G LTE model)
  • Primary radio 4G LTE North support
  • Secondary radio 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Port options: 1 ethernet, 1 serial, 1 USB
  • Unlicensed 900 (902 to 928) MHz
  • Licensed narrowband
  • Flexible Layer 2 and Layer 3 GRE
  • Protect network assets 150MHz up to 960MHz
  • Access with enterprise-class security
Demo Orbit ECR units are available. Please call 1-800-884-4967 to arrange today!


The GE MDS Industrial Communications Orbit ECR Radio offers the security, reliability, performance, and wireless flexibility required for next-generation industrial networks. Orbit enables customers to deploy advanced communications using diverse options of wireless technologies and frequencies.

The Orbit allows for communication over licensed spectrum, unlicensed spectrum, cellular technologies, and Wi-Fi in various form factors with single or dual radio options. Its advanced cyber security capabilities enable customers the power needed to secure and protect their networks and assets.

Unifying network deployments on the Orbit platform with a common user experience, networking and security capabilities across various RF technologies helps customers simplify operations, reduce learning curves and save on cost.

Applications for the ORBIT ECR Radio include:

  • Oil & gas
  • Water & wastewater
  • Emergency & utility vehicles
  • Electric utilities
  • Smart cities & municipalities
  • Emergency & utility vehicles
  • Heavy industrial


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Remote Logging with Cloud Access

The Background: Our customer manages a LEED Certified building. They seek a means of monitoring and logging temperature and relative humidity data to ensure occupant comfort as well as compliance with LEED standards.

The Problem: Due to challenges within the building’s network and the desire to access the data remotely on the cloud, the customer wants to deploy a robust stand-alone system that is easy to set up and run. They are running into two issues: many systems that offer cellular access require wired sensors, and, wireless systems that need to hook into an Ethernet router.

The Solution: The GE Orbit ECR is the perfect industrial cellular gateway for this application. Coupled with Madgetech RFC1000 cloud relay and wireless MadgeTech RFRHTemp2000A sensors with a range up to 2000', the problem has been solved. Ethernet from the RFC Cloud relay goes into the ECR router and is transmitted via a preferred carrier to the Madgetech Cloud software which can be accessed from anywhere.

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