• 8751-CA-NS
  • Usually ships in 4 weeks



  • Platform for up to two SafetyNet Controllers
  • Terminals for earth leakage fault detection
  • 9-pin, D-type (female) (x2)
  • flat panel (4 fixings)


The ELFD Controller Carrier provides a mounting platform for up to two SafetyNet Controllers (8851-LC-MT). It can also accommodate a Power Supply Monitor module (8410-NS-PS) which can monitor the health of up to two 8913-PS-AC, four 8914-PS-AC power supplies and the 12V supply to Intrinsically Safe Modules (when these are used). For each Controller there is a serial port connector and a manually operated "Change State" button. The Carrier also provides terminals that are used when earth leakage fault detection is required.