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  • Displays gas type & concentration
  • Detects a wide variety of gases
    • LEL, O2, CO2 & toxic gases
  • Provides 4-20mA output
  • 115/220VAC or 24VDC operation
  • Audible alarm with 2 programmable levels
    • Built in trouble alarm with relay
    • External reset switch
  • Weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure
Sensor or transmitter (purchased separately) required for proper operation. Compatible units include RKI Instruments M2A Gas Transmitter, RKI Instruments S2 Series Diffusion Sensor / Transmitter, or RKI Instruments Replacement Direct Sensors. Contact an engineer today to discuss your application and confirm compatibility.

What's in the Box

  • Wall mounting kit


The RKI Instruments Beacon 110 gas controller detects a wide variety of gases, accepting sensors for LEL, O2, CO2, and toxic gases. It simultaneously displays gas type and concentration on the digital backlit display.

The Beacon 110 accepts any 2 or 3 wire, 24VDC 4 to 20mA transmitter. The 10A rated relays are strong enough to fully power external alarms. The Beacon 110 has 24VDC 400mA max output to operate sample drawing adapters or additional accessories.

When purchased at the same time as gas sensors, the Beacon 110 will be factory calibrated and ready to use. Calibration and setup is necessary if sensors are purchased separately. Sensors can be mounted directly to the Beacon 110 housing, or can be wired remotely from the controller.

Applications for the RKI Instruments Beacon 110 include petrochemical plants, refineries, water and wastewater treatment plants, pulp and paper mills, gas, telephone, electric utilities, parking garages, manufacturing facilities, steel, automotive, and HVAC.