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  • Max symmetric loads:
    • SBS-30: 33lb (15kg) each
    • SBS-150: 165lb (75kg) each
    • SBS-300: 330lb (150kg) each
    • SBS-1000: 1100lb (500kg) each
    • SBS-2000: 2200lb (1000kg) each
    • SBS-4500: 4960lb (2250kg) each
    • SBS-6000: 6613lb (3000kg) each
    • SBS-10T: 11023lb (5000kg) each
    • SBS-15T: 16535lb (7500kg) each
    • SBS-25T: 12.5 tons
    • SBS-30T: 15 tons
    • SBS-40T: 20 tons
    • SBS-50T: 25 tons
  • Cantilever roller supports
  • Easy installation
  • Lock system (SBS-300 and up)
  • Elevation screw

What's in the Box

  • Cantilevered slice Supports
  • Balancing Grade G0.05


The Erbessd Reliability SBS Series Soft Bearing Suspension are balancing support kits intended to provide you a way to build your own balancing machine at a very low cost with very high performances. Balancings are done at higher frequencies than the suspension's resonance frequency. With all these characteristics, the system allows the rotor to spin around its gravity center instead of its geometric center.

The SBS Series can support maximum loads of up to 25 tons. The SBS has an elevation screw to adjust the height in case that the rotor supports have different diameters. With the floating 3-Axis liberty the SBS can auto-align the rotor, thus permitting easy rotor loading and unloading.