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  • 1 & 2 plane balancing
  • Fast fourier transform (FFT) calculations
  • Split & combine weights
  • Removing weight drilling
  • Frequency accuracy of 99%
  • Balancing speed range from 100 to 120,000 RPM
  • Installable on any Windows laptop or tablet

What's in the Box

  • CD software
  • 2 Accelerometers
  • 1 Laser Optical Sensor
  • 1 USB 2-channel Interface
  • 1 Calibration Device
  • User manual
  • Softcase

The Erbessd Reliability EI-BALANCE Dynamic Balancer is a balancing software for single and two planes, based on a laptop; this equipment was specially designed for outdoor works as well as for updating old balancing machines. Thanks to its automated tracking filter, the system identifies the RPM in a selected range to avoid inaccuracies in case of slightly changes of speed. The balancing speed range varies from 100 to 120.000 RPM with signal recording times of up to 5 minutes. The EI BALANCE can be used by users with minimal knowledge in the dynamic balancing field, as it has a very intuitive platform as well as a tutorial video and an operation manual.