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  • 100KA short circuit current rating
  • 35 to 700 amps
  • Available in three power bases:
    • Single-phase, 1 controlled leg (2 SCRs)
    • Three-phase, 2 controlled legs (4 SCRs)
    • Three-phase, 3 controlled legs (6 SCRs)
  • 24 to 480, 600, or 690V line & load voltage ranges
  • 2500V isolation voltage
  • 50 to 60Hz voltage frequency
  • 35 to 700A at 104°F (40°C) ambient load amp range
  • Amperage derating curve for other ambient temps
  • 1.25-1.5 watts/amp per controlled leg power dissipation
  • 15mA leakage current
  • 100,000A up to 600VAC SCCR rated
  • c-UL 508 listed


Watlow ASPYRE power controllers enable equipment and factory automation through the use of microprocessor-based firing and control mode algorithms with diagnostics and multiple communications options. These flexible and scalable controllers allow one platform to be reused across a wide range of applications, providing a range of options from single-phase, to complex three-phase loads, to 690VAC.

The ASPYRE power controllers are designed to provide easy access to maintain and service fuses and legs, and are equipped with intelligent thermal system diagnostics for fast and easy troubleshooting. The interface can be powered through a USB connection, allowing the user to safely program configuration settings away from a high voltage environment. Designed with heater bakeout, heaters are protected on start up, eliminating the need to check for wet heaters.

These units are designed to protect and extend the life of connected modes. Control modes and load types include voltage, voltage squared, current, current squared, power, open loop, and external. Output control firing types include zero crossing, single cycle, burst firing with delayed triggering and safety ramp and peak current limit options, burst firing with soft start option (phase angle soft start switching over to burst firing), phase angle with soft start option, half cycle with start tamp and peak current limit options.

Typical applications include furnaces and ovens, autoclaves, kilns, heat treatment, glass industry, semiconductors, power generation, oil and gas, HVAC, dryers and curing, textiles, plastics, packaging, and petrochemical.