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  • All-welded design
  • -30inHG up to 5000 psi pressure range
  • Vacuum, compound and gauge pressures available
  • ±1.0% of span accuracy
  • 4.5in dial size
  • Dry or liquid fill
  • Eliminates all potential leak paths
  • Tamper-resistant construction


The WIKA Type M93X.D1 Pressure Gauge eliminates all potential leak paths and has a tamper-resistant construction. The all-welded system is ideal for installations where tightly controlled fugitive emissions and safety are a concern. The M93X.D1 is well-suited for applications in the chemical, petrochemical and process industries.

This all-welded gauge assembly is constructed using WIKA gauge model number 23X.34 and diaphragm seal model number L990.34. The diaphragm is recessed within the all-welded seal body.The pressure gauge is back-welded to the seal upper housing to eliminate another potential leak path. The threaded seal fill port has been removed to ensure a tamper resistant design. Additional process wetted materials, process connections, system fill fluids and accessories are available to meet the rigorous demands of most applications.