• Frequency Range (operating, 100 gram payload):
    • 7 Hz to 10 kHz
    • 420 to 600 k cpm
  • Maximum Amplitude (100 Hz with no payload)
    • 20 g pk (196 m/s2 pk)
    • 15 in/s pk (380 mm/s pk)
    • 50 mils pk-pk (1270 µm pk-pk)
  • Industrial Pelican Storm Case
  • NIST traceable transducer
  • 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C) operating temp range

What's in the Box

  • Mounting wrench
  • Power supply and plug adaptors
  • 1/4-28 to 1/4-28 adaptor
  • 10-32 to 1/4-28 adaptor
  • Mounting pad


The Bently Nevada Model 9100D Shaker Table is the ideal tool to field check accelerometers, velocity transducers and proximity probes over a wide operating frequency and amplitude range. The unit is a small, handy, completely self-contained vibration reference source which can be conveniently used to validate the entire channel of transducers through measurement, monitoring or recording systems. Packaged in a lightweight, durable Pelican Storm Case with two press and pull latches and padlockable clasps, the 9100D is always ready for travel to test sites.

With an integral, precision quartz reference accelerometer, the shaker table is built with robust carbon fiber composite armature flexure supports. Closed loop level control gives the 9100D superior quality vibration calibration from 7 Hz to 10 kHz compared with other portable field calibrators.