MRU OPTIMA 7 Biogas Analyzer
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  • Biogas pressure range of 0 to ±300 mbar
  • O2 measurement of 0 to 25%
  • CH4 measurement of 0 to 100%
  • CO2 measurement of 0 to 100%
  • Optional gas measurement for H2S, CO, NO, NO2
    • 0 to 2,000ppm (5,000ppm overload) H2S
    • 0 to 4,000ppm (20,000ppm overload) CO
    • 0 to 1,000ppm (5,000ppm overload) NO
    • 0 to 200ppm (1,000ppm overload) NO2
  • 3.5in TFT display with LED backlit
  • Intuitive menu guided software and function keys
  • Durable and dirt resistant keypad
  • Bluetooth optional

What's in the Box

  • Condensate separator with re‐usable PTFE (star) filter
  • Li-Ion battery (6 to 8 hours operation time)
  • Mini‐USB interface for cable data transfer to PC
  • IRDA interface for high speed infrared thermal printer
  • Biogas sampling line Ø3x2mm Viton with 5m length
  • Wall‐plug, universal grid power supply 90 to 240VAC
  • SD card reader with activating software
  • 2-year factory warranty

MRU OPTIMA 7 Biogas Analyzer simultaneous measurements of up to 7 gas components. The biogas measurements include O2, H2S, CH4 and CO2 (infrared for CO2/CH4). The emissions measurements include O2, CO, NO, NO2 and CO2. The O2 measurement has a 4-5 year estimated life span. The modern, slim line enclosure features a secure rear-mounted magnet for drop resistant operation.

The engine exhaust model includes all combustion calculations and automatic measurement with user-specific adjustable determination of average value storing on SD card. Also adds the following accessories:

  • Gas sampling probe for exhaust gas emission monitoring with 9ft Viton hose
  • 12in probe tube
  • Heat deflector
  • Transport case

The landfill model includes US landfill gas probe with K-Type t/c input with 6in insertion coiled cable Type K thermocouple and transport case. Gas flow velocity measurement capable using pitot tube, pitot tube is not included. A shoulder strap and spare part set including o-rings, filter, and condensate show glass is also included with all landfill models. The following options only come with the landfill sets that include the H2S gas measurement:

  • HC "sniffer" for gas leakage detection with 1.5 meter cable and swan neck
  • AUX universal auxiliary port - connection for external gas sniffer
  • Auto data logging function


MRU 63677 IR Printer
High speed easy paper loading IR printer
MRU 59465 Printer paper rolls
Printer paper rolls (5 rolls)



Please consider these optional accessories.

MRU 63218 Shoulder Strap
Shoulder strap for AMPRO 2000 Gas Analyzer
MRU 63136 AUX Input
AUX input for additional parameters
MRU 64158 Automatic Measurement
Automatic measurement including data storage on SD Card with user definable determination of average value
MRU 62741 / 62747 Industrial Probe Handle
Industrial Probe handle with sampling line
MRU Exchangeable Probe Tubes
High grade steel or Inconel, cone included
MRU 65481 Heat Deflector Shield
Heat deflector shield for high temperature radiation site (Ø6" with Ø0.31" hole for probe tube)
MRU 63140 Service & Cleaning Set
Service & Cleaning Set
MRU 10156 Replaceable Filter Elements
Replaceable filter elements for condensate separator
MRU OPTIMA 7 Sensors
OPTIMA 7 Sensors for use at flue gas emission measurements of cogeneration engines
MRU 62931 ABS Transport Case
ABS Transport case, with large compartment for accessories, recommended for combined sets
MRU 65730 Gas Flow Velocity
Gas flow velocity using PITOT Tubes, requires Pitot tube
MRU 65130 Sampling Hose
Biogas sampling hose, 5 meters with quick connector
MRU 65905 Pressure Reducing Box
Pressure reducing box (for high pressure site biogas sampling, e.g. Before CHP engines)
MRU 65673 Special "S" Type Straight Pitot Tube
Special "S"-type straight Pitot tube, Ø12 x 250mm, incl. K-type thermocouple for flow velocity (volume) measurement
MRU 65832 Special "S" Type Straight Pitot Tube
Special "S" type straight Pitot tube, Ø12 x 250mm, incl. K-type thermocouple and integrated gas sampling line
MRU 65670 Stainless Steel Mounting Fitting
Stainless steel mounting fitting Ø12mm-1/2in male, with PTFE fixing ring
MRU4u Android App
Remote control of measuring units & visualizing, storing & sharing of measuring data via Bluetooth
MRU4u Apple iOS App
Remote control of measuring units & visualizing, storing & sharing of measuring data via Bluetooth