• -22 to 158°F (-30 to 70°C) measuring range
  • Wirelessly transmit data (IOS and Android Bluetooth-enabled devices)
  • HOBOmobile app
  • 100 ft (30.5m) line-of-sight transmission range
  • Splash proof design
  • 0.072°F (0.04°C)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart)
  • 1 second to 18 hours logging rate


The HOBO MX100 Temperature Data Loggers measure temperature in indoor environments. With an IP67 environmental rating, the logger can be deployed in indoor locations where moisture may form. This Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled logger is designed for wireless communication with a mobile device. Using the HOBOmobile app, you can easily configure the logger, read it out, and view data on your phone or tablet, or automatically upload the data to HOBOlink for further analysis. The logger has a built-in alarm you can configure to trip at thresholds you specify. Designed with a non-replaceable lithium battery, this logger also has a power-saving mode that allows you to use the Bluetooth signal only when needed to maximize battery life.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Temperature Tracking of Packages

The Background: Our customer is a lab that sometimes ships to their customers cultures or samples that are sensitive to temperature. They require a way to monitor these shipments to ensure the packages remained within the necessary temperature range.

The Problem: The customer wants low-cost, single-use data loggers that do not need any special cables or adapters and can be easily used by their customers.

The Solution: We recommended the HOBO MX100 temperature data logger which has a non-replaceable battery and wirelessly transmits data via Bluetooth.