Megger MIT480/2 Series Insulation Testers
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  • Suitable for CAT IV applications & 600V supply voltages
  • Gated access to 500V to prevent accidental damage
  • 2% test voltage accuracy
  • 0.01Ω to 1MΩ continuity resistance testing
  • 10MΩ input impedance
  • 3-wire connection for Tip, Ring & Earth connection
  • IP54 weatherproof rating
  • Meets IEC61010 & EN61557 requirements

What's in the Box

  • Red/Black silicone test leads with prods & clips
  • SP5 Switched probe
  • Owners Information CD
  • 6 AA Batteries
  • Hard carry case

The Megger MIT480/2 series insulation testers are designed specifically for the telecommunications and cable testing markets. They have rubberized housing for shock absorbing outer protection and excellent grip.

The MIT481/2 displays the actual test voltage on the smaller digital readout, with the measurement on the larger digital display. Input impedance is 10 MΩ to prevent loading the circuit and reporting low voltages. It has single resistance range continuity testing, allows the difference between two consecutive continuity tests to be measured, and will display the appropriate REN value for the circuit under test. It also features current measurement and on board memory.

The MIT485/2 does everything that the MIT481/2 does and adds pass/fail on limit alarms as well as the ability to select the exact test voltage anywhere from 10 to 500V with a variable range feature. It also includes Bluetooth, software, and the ability to be made rechargeable with a couple additional accessories.

Megger 1002-001 Test Lead Set
Replacement red and black test lead set with crocodile clips
Megger 1007-157 SP5 Remote Probe
Replacement CAT IV 600 V switched test probe for the MIT400 Series Insulation Tester
Megger 1007-464 AC Charger Kit
Charger kit for Megger Insulation Testers
Megger 1004-183 DC Battery Charger
DC battery charger with 12V car adapter (requires Megger 1007-464 AC Charger Kit)
Megger 1002-015 Test Leads
FPK8 fused test leads, prods and clips (max 660V, 500mA fuse) straight
Megger 1007-160 Test and Carry Pouch
For MIT400 series insulation testers
Megger 6121-626 Rubber Boot with Built-In Stand
For use with MIT400 series insulation testers