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  • Everything you need to carry out efficient servicing and commissioning of heating systems in one compact set
  • Measurements
    • Differential pressure from 0 to 120 InH₂O (0 to 300 hPa) with up to ±0.2 InH₂O accuracy
    • Flue gas O₂ from 0 to 21 Vol.% with ±0.2 Vol.% accuracy
    • CO determination (with H₂-compensation), automatic dilution from 0 to 30000 ppm with up to ±200 ppm accuracy
    • Flue Gas NO from 0 to 3000 ppm with up to ±5 ppm accuracy
    • Flue Gas Draft from -4.00 to +16 InH₂O (-9.99 to +40 hPa) with up to ±0.01 InH₂O or ±5 % of mv accuracy
    • Temperature from -40° to 2192 °F with ±0.9 °F accuracy
    • Efficiency (calculated) from 0 to 120%
    • Flue Gas loss (calculated) from 0 to 99.9 %
  • User-replaceable long-life sensors with a service life of up to 6 years
  • Integrated draught and gas zeroing without removing the probe.
  • Fully enclosed, particularly robust plastic housing
  • Fresh air dilution upon exceeding a CO threshold value up to 30,000 ppm
  • Paperless documentation and report creation on site with the testo 330i App
  • Reliable attachment of the flue gas probe with the testoFix probe holder
  • Requirement: iOS 7.1 / Android 4.3 or newer. Mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0

What's in the Box

  • Power supply / recharger (North American cord)
  • Carrying case
  • Particle filters, 10 pack
  • Flue gas probe (model 0600 9781), 5/16" dia., 12" long, 2’ hose (for models 0563 3000 71 and 400563 3002 only)
  • Testofix probe holder (for models 0563 3000 71 and 400563 3002 only)


The Testo 330i flue gas analyzer combines proven measuring technology with remote measurement capability and wireless control, providing a revolutionary new method of combustion analysis. The Testo 330i is the future of flue gas measurement and provides users all the tools necessary to overcome every challange that crops up when commissioning and servicing heating systems.

The Testo 330i flue gas analyzer utilizes a combination of O2, CO, or NO sensors to make accurate measurements or calculations to determine the overall efficiency of combustions systems. Operation of the flue gas analyzer and the display of readings are implemented independently of the measuring location via the Testo 330i App on your smartphone or tablet. Here, you can make adjustments to the measuring instrument, analyze the flue gas values, enter customer data and create measurement protocols. You can then add comments or photos of the system to the protocols, and send them to the customer or your office via e-mail.




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